David Putman speaking on "The Pastor Leader" at #Exponential

David works with pastors all over the country through auxano on vision clarity.

Leadership has to begin on the foundation of discipleship.

The church's mission: discipleship. Number 1 principle for discipleship is you have to become the type of disciple you want to make.

If you want to grow the church, you have to grow the leader.

5 Areas Every Leader Needs To Grow In

Leadership=Power. Leaders who do well need a balance of drive and motive (calling).
Leaders confront the brutal facts about themselves.
Key Question: What are those growth areas?

Examples of Problems with Vision
Carbon Copy Vision-Be unique
Microwave Vision-Leaders move fast. Slow down & do hard work of vision.
Vision flip/flop-Changing mind constantly about vision
Paralysis of the analysis-difficulty of making a decision

Upper Room Identity
What do you like about our church? People, Programs, Pastor, Place
The upper room identity is purpose. This is leaders responsibility.

Vision Pathway
Vision Frame (Process takes about 7 months)
Mission-What are we doing?
Values-Why are we doing it?
Strategy-How are we doing it?
Measures-When are we successful? Not just quantity but also quality
Vision Proper-Where is God taking us?

Key Shift: from Gift to Discipline
There are natural communicators, but it is also a skill that can be developed.
Types of Communicators: CL=Pastor Leader (Strong Communicator/Leader)
Lc=Campus Pastor (Strong Leader, OK Communicator)
Preaching best practices
Find your own voice
Listen to other communicators
Listen to your own sermons
Develop discipline preparation schedule
Utilize a system for preparation
Practice preaching your sermons out loud
Memorize your sermons
Get regular feedback
Build a team around your preaching
Take preaching breaks
Develop an annual preaching calendar

Team Leader
Shift: Move from team leader to team builder
Develop a leadership pipeline-build it from ground up & raise them up

Resourcing the Mission
Shift: Reactive to Proactive resourcing
They make the big call
Develop culture of generosity
Disciplined budgeting
They raise big money
Development of high capacity donors

Shift: From general to specific
How You Learn: Specific Skill Development, Coaching, As you go



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