ReThinking Preaching at #Exponential

This workshop included the following speakers: Tim Keller (video), James Meek, Matt Chandler, and Andy Stanley

Tim Keller
All preaching should be evangelistic. The whole Bible is about Jesus. It all points to Jesus.

4 Skill Issues To Address Non-Christians
Persuade with people's own beliefs
Solve heart problems with the gospel 2 Corin. 8 (instead of focus on the will)
Demonstrate what it is like to not believe (depict & describe fears,doubts,etc.)
Occasionally address non-believers directly (apologetic sidebars)

Andy Stanley, James Meeks, Matt Chandler Panel

Churches that create environments for outsiders are more positive. (AS)
In my life, church was do this and do that not about the gospel (MC)
We have let the culture define us (media, TV, movies) (JM)

People are not on a truth quest, but instead a happiness quest. (AS)
The gospel is for eternity and the here and now. We need to get eyes on Jesus. You are saved from something and saved to something. Learn about preaching/teaching and learn who I am (MC) 
You have to be comfortable in your own skin no matter the audience. Don't try to impress people. The only thing that works is sincerity.(JM) 

Listen to multiple preachers so you don't sound like someone else. We have inherited or adopted a style-what should we keep, what should we get rid of. (AS)
We need to redeem the political arena. Preach righteousness anywhere. (JM)

How do you give non-Christians an out? What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church. When you give non-believers an out (belief), they lean in. (AS)

How do you write a sermon?
Have balance to schedule and leading of the Holy Spirit (MC)
Prepared to preach about 3 sermons out, About 2 study days per week (AS/MC)
I need to tell stories, introductions, and conclusions out loud (AS) 
I write out sermons word for word (JM)

How do engage if sermon is making an impact?
We create multiple feedback loops (mature, unbelievers, nominal). Was I fair? (MC)
Twitter. Did I make the point? How long did they stay online? (AS)  

One challenge or piece of advice
Be prepared. Know your subject matter. Have a lot of fun. Don't take yourself too seriously. Preaching is not about you. It's about God!(JM)
Do the hard work of sermon preparation. Know the Holy Spirit transforms. Press into God not your preaching. (MC) 
Watch yourself preach.  You will either quit or get better. (AS) 


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