Jesus Our Friend

How does Jesus as a friend impact our relationships?  Jessica Thompson in Everyday Grace has some thoughts.  Here are a few chapters from her chapter on friendship:
God doesn't feel obligated to be our friend; it is his joy to be in relationship with us.
This obedience is not what makes them friends; it is what characterizes his friends...If we are true believers of Christ, we will obey.
His love for us is what engenders a heart of obedience.
Being obedient will obviously lead to a better life for us. God has given us rules for living so we can know how to enjoy him and life the most.
Relationship with God is the ultimate goal of Christianity.
There is one Messiah, and you and I are not him, and we shouldn't expect our friends to be our Messiah either. 
Beloved friends of Christ, may we never forget that all of the love and acceptance we look for in each other can be found only in the arms of Christ. 


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