Top 5 Quotes from Rediscovering Discipleship

This past week, I posted a book review on Rediscovering Discipleship by Robby Gallaty.  If you want to know more about the book, check that out.  Today, I am posting my favorite 5 quotes from the book.

Until disciple-making becomes the ministry of the church and not a ministry in the church, we will never see our discipleship efforts impact the world the way that Jesus envisioned.
As a disciple-maker, all you're doing is pointing at the One you're following and saying to those around you, "Come with me; I'm following him."
Becoming is a long process that Jesus brings about in our lives over time. It's not an instantaneous gift, but the result of an extended, intimate relationship that develops over time. Jesus is the originator of the action. We cannot grow in him on our own, but we can align ourselves with him, so that he may grow us.
What if we established goals for spiritual growth and followed them, not out of coercion or compulsion, but as a response to the received grace of God?
The church may look like Shrek (an ogre), but it's still the bride of Christ. 


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