Rediscovering Discipleship

I am part of a launch team for Robby Gallaty's new book, Rediscovering Discipleship. I enjoyed Robby's first book on growing as a disciple.  The book releases at the end of October and I am about halfway through the book.  In his first book, he focuses on developing an intentional plan for "disciples making disciples."  In the first part of this book, he gives a background of discipleship from Jesus through several key figures in church history.  Below are some quotes that stood out to me:
Until disciple-making becomes the ministry of the church and not a ministry in the church, we will never see our discipleship efforts impact the world the way that Jesus envisioned.
we are equal in the eyes of God because he loves us based upon the righteousness of Christ, not our good deeds or works.
When a rabbi tells a story, he speaks to the heart first and the head second. Traditionally, Western ways of thinking tend to speak to the head first and the heart second.
The Bible is like a multi-cut diamond. The more you gaze into it, the brighter it shines.
An intimate relationship with Jesus is more significant than any achievement garnered or degree earned.
As a disciple-maker, all you're doing is pointing to the One you're following and saying to those around you, "Come with me; I'm following him."
What if we established goals for spiritual growth and followed them, not out of coercion or compulsion, but as a response to the received grace of God? 


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