Celebrating who God is with fuzion tonight

Tonight our fuzion group (5th and 6th grade ministry on Wednesday nights) is headed to Get Air in Wichita for an end of semester party.  Why?  Because God is good, great and awesome.  In previous years, we have only allowed those who memorized half of the Bible verses to attend.  This year, I changed it to allow everyone to be able to attend.  Why?  Because grace is a free gift and is available to all. 

The gospel is about Jesus and not about what good or bad we do.  We all sin.  We need a Savior. So rather than focus on us, we are focusing on Jesus and what He has DONE for us.
Before we have a lot of fun on the trampolines, I will share who we are celebrating (God) and the great gift available to us in the gift of Jesus. 

Check back later tonight for pictures from the evening.


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