New book on gospel-powered parenting by Farley

In December, I started reading Gospel-Powered Parenting by William P. Farley.  Here are a few quotes from the first few chapters:
I am convinced that the gospel is sufficient to answer all our parenting questions.
The gospel is the incarnation of God's Son, his sinless life, his substitutionary death, his bodily resurrection, and his ascension into heaven, from which he will someday return to the earth in glory. But the cross is the heart and soul of the gospel.
As do all parents, we have learned from God's gracious discipline that we are absolutely dependent on God's Spirit to complete the parenting process...It is God's job to bring results!
this book will assume that effective parents equip their children to overcome the world--not by changing and controlling their environment (things external to their children), but by going after their children's hearts. We change their hearts by teaching the gospel, modeling the gospel, and centering our homes on the gospel. 
 Concerning the task of parenting, the most overlooked, obvious source for help is the gospel.
It is important to note that the primary focus of Christian parenting is not morality. Well-behaved children are not the ultimate end. Saving faith, deeply rooted in the children's hearts, is the supreme goal of Christian parents.
The emphasis of this book differs from that of many other Christian books on parenting. Most emphasize techniques. By contrast, Gospel-Powered Parenting will emphasize the parents' relationship with God, with each other, and with their, children, in that order. 


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