The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

I finally finished The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification by Walter Marshall. It is a book that was recommended by my friend, Russell, in Texas. We had a great gospel conversation outside of Starbucks this summer while I was on sabbatical.  Here are some quotes from the final chapters:
assurance is very important for you to have if you want to grow in your faith and grow in holiness.
Jesus tells you first about the work of believing.  Faith is the work of works, because all other good works proceed from faith.
Many other people ruin their souls because they seek to have their sins forgiven through faith in Christ, but then they try to produce holiness in their lives by their own efforts.
This is the truth of the gospel: no matter how sordid your life has been, no matter how many your sins have been, they are small compared to the grace of Christ.
Don't "just do it." Instead, continually go to Christ first, by faith. Then, you will receive a gospel motivation to live a holy life.
Remember, God would not require this of you without also giving you the means to do it!
You will not be forced to "love God" by commands or threats. You will love God because these precious realities of the gospel will draw you to love God. 
The gospel is the only doctrine that is the power of God for your salvation.
Very few people will tell you that the Christian life is a life of joy...Most people think godliness is an unpleasant, joyless, and discouraging way to live.
Whenever you do anything good, it is not because of your own natural power. It is because God is enabling you to act above and beyond your natural power.
The gospel of Christ is one universal medicine. You do not need a thousand different medicines.
The love of Christ, of course, is the greatest and most pleasant attraction to encourage you to godly living. 



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