Can I keep reading?

As I have continued to read Gospel Powered Parenting by William Farley, I have struggled.  Chapter 3 was difficult.  I would probably not recommend this book to parents because of this chapter.  Chapters 4-5 seemed to help a little, but something is missing.  I am going to finish the book, but won't recommend it to others.  His understanding of fear, holiness, and grace are much different from mine and more importantly my understanding of the Bible. 

With that said, I believe fear, holiness, and grace are biblical.  However, I would see a different definition in Scripture than Farley. These chapters heap condemnation on parents if they don't measure up.  But then he says something that makes me question my strong feelings.  This book has confused me more than any other book I have read because of how it mixes law and gospel.  Most books I disagree with are heavy on law and moralism only.  This one blends law and gospel which makes it difficult to differentiate the two.

Below are quotes that I agree with from Chapters 3-5:
Slave-dread. the wrong type of fear, does not motivate obedience. It causes us to run away from God.
Have you ever noticed that most books on parenting--Christian and secular--emphasize technique? This is how you should do it. Follow these steps and you will be successful.
what we do is a by-product of how we think. People change their behavior as their understanding of God and man changes.
The cross is the fundamental of Christianity. It is also the deepest and most profound Christian truth.
The cross equips God, simultaneously, to be both "just and the justified of the one who has faith in Jesus.
When Christ bore our sin on the cross, the Father punished his Son in our place. He poured out his anger (at sin and evil), so richly deserved by us, on his Son.
Grace is the heart and soul of Christianity. It is what makes Christianity different from every other religion.
Grace is reward, or favor, given to those who deserve judgment.
He was our substitute in punishment. He did this in order to give us the reward that Christ deserves. See 2 Corinthians 5:21
We cannot be good enough because God requires perfection.
All Christian obedience and service is a response to this amazing grace. 


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