New books by Vos & Jared C. Wilson

A few weeks ago, I started two new books on the same day.  The first is Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments by Geerhardus Vos and the second was The Pastor's Justification by Jared C. Wilson.  Here are a few quotes from the first chapters of each:

revelation does not stand alone by itself, but is inseparably attached to another activity of God, which we call Redemption.
In the case of Biblical Theology this is historical, in the case of Systematic Theology it is of a logical nature. Each of these two is necessary, and there is no occasion for a sense of superiority in either.
Biblical Theology draws a line of development. Systematic Theology draws a circle.
The highest practical usefulness of the study of Biblical Theology is one belonging to it altogether apart from its usefulness for the student. Like unto all theology it finds its supreme end in the glory of God.

And I have learned in ministry and out over the last twenty years the secret of pastoral confidence, pastoral competence, and pastoral power: his name is Jesus Christ.
but when all is said and done, we are not managers of spiritual enterprises; we are shepherds. And shepherds feed their sheep.
It is only from the grounding of the gospel of Jesus Christ that the evangelical pastor is set free to pastor freely.
believing that the Spirit is often at work in ways we are blind to. God will be faithful to finish the good work he's begun in us, and he doesn't need us walking around in our hall-monitor sash, handing out demerits.
Because real success is faithfulness...all churches are epic successes full of the eternal, invincible quality of the kingdom of God when they treasure Jesus's gospel and follow him. 


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