Quotes from my reading

Here are some quotes from books I am reading right now:

If the gospel is regularly being preached in your church, you will eventually become a magnet for the messiest kinds of sinners.

I remind myself and my church that a message of grace may attract people, but a culture of grace will keep them.

Messy people own their stuff. Sinners repent into the safety of the gospel.

when we cease praying for our churches, we cease serving them and instead think ourselves powerful enough to mange quite well without the Holy Spirit's illuminating and enabling power.

But the gospel of God's grace in Jesus Christ frees us from hypocrisy. It frees us to boldly own our inadequacies, our flaws, our failures, and especially your sins.

As we mature in the faith, then, He increases and we decrease. The gospel is fuel for courageous unself-consciousness.

Therefore, wise parents aim their discipline at the heart. Fundamentally, Christian parents discipline heart attitudes, not behaviors.

In other words, if the threat of pain or the promise of reward is the only motivation, my child will perform only in the presence of threat or promise.

But the default condition of our flesh is "earn it." We love moralism, but we resist the gospel.


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