The gospel and our emotions and relationships

I finished Counsel From the Cross by Elyse Fitzpatrick last week. I highly recommend this to everyone and especially to pastors, counselors, and teachers. Here are some quotes from 2 of the last chapters (more quotes from final chapter in a later post):

we learn not only that our thoughts should linger on the gospel, but also that doing so will change our attitude and mood.

For every one look that they take at their sin, they need to take ten looks at God's love for them in Christ.

From the gospel we learn who we are and how God sees us.

His love for us is to have a powerful effect on our love for others, and it is the only thing that will motivate us to love as we have been called to.

The problem with a large majority of these books (Christian parenting or marriage books), however is that they have pointed out the obligations of the gospel without first rehearsing the declarations of the gospel.

but gospel-oriented parents give the law to show children their need for a Savior, not to make them obedient.

Only the gospel and God's grace can change hearts.


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