Helpful Quotes from My Reading

Currently, I am reading several books.  They are:
  • Life With A Captial L by Matt Heard
  • Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick
  • Core Christianity by Michael Horton
  • On Being A Theologian of the Cross by Gerhard O. Forde
Below are some quotes from my reading this past week:
"Whether in the work of creation, providence, or redemption, the Father is the source, the Son is the mediator, and the Spirit is the one at work within the world--and within us--to bring the work to completion."
Regarding the Trinity, "However, Christians confess the God is one in essence and three in persons. It is certainly a mystery...So the essence is one. The persons are God in exactly the same way and to exactly the same degree. They are equally omniscient, omnipotent, eternal, loving, just, and holy." 
"All three persons are dedicated to our salvation, working in distinct ways toward the completion of a single work of redemption. 

 "Scripture is not primarily about how to live a Christian life but how to experience a human life as it's meant to be lived in the presence of the God who made me and redeems me."

"The purpose of anything comes from its maker."

"Our natural tendency is to presume that we're the star of our own story...God is the Author of it, and he's also the Finisher. Instead of worriedly clutching the pen of my story, hoping I don't screw up the script, I revel in the reality that the pen is actually in his hand. I respond not with passivity but determination to take the next step with submissive and joyous confidence that the Author has and will continue to write my story into his.

"Law is not intended to isolate from God in independence and pride, but to expose the need for God and his grace. Thus the law does not cure but kills. It drives either to despair or to presumption."
"the righteous are simultaneously just and sinners (simul justus et peccator)"
"The fear of God being admonished by Luther, we are told, is not "servile" fear, that is, the terror of a servant expecting punishment for doing a bad job...Fear of God on the contrary means precisely letting God be God." 
 "That's what faith is--a looking away from yourself to Someone else...Faith, then, is a trusting in the love and mercy of God."

"In the same way, the Lord calls us to fasten our eyes on him and not on all the sinful toxins in our heart. We're invited to look away from ourselves and our great need and to focus on his overflowing bounty..."

"Even though the amount of faith we have cannot make us any more or less justified, the strength of our faith will grow in direct proportion to our exposure to God's Word, particularly as it highlights God's love for us in the gospel. As e think on our sweet relationship with him, we'll find joyful gratitude and humble confidence blossoming within our hearts."


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