What am I reading?

Currently, I am reading several books.  They are:
  • Life With A Captial L by Matt Heard
  • Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick
  • Core Christianity by Michael Horton
  • On Being A Theologian of the Cross by Gerhard O. Forde
Here are some quotes from chapters I have read over the last week:
In other words, the righteousness of God revealed in his law condemns us, but the righteousness from God is a gift that we have in Christ through faith. And faith comes to us through the preaching of the gospel. (Horton)
When we rifle through the Old Testament narratives for moral examples, as if they were Aesop's fables, we miss the point...And in every narrative, God is the real hero of the story...In each instance, the purpose of the narrative is not to provide life lessons that we may apply directly to ourselves, but to see how God is fulfilling his purposes that lead history to Jesus Christ. (Horton)
The sinful heart is never transformed by conformity to the imperatives (commands) but only by relationship with the One who cleanses hearts. (Fitzpatrick)
Our sanctification is rooted in our union with Christ. (Fitzpatrick)
Worship is my active, all-of-life response to the worth of who he is and what he does. (Heard)
Our "I don't knows" can and must be a place of worship. (Heard)
The law humbles, grace exalts. The law effects fear and wrath, grace effects hope and mercy. (Forde)
It is important to see that the theologian of the cross moves to take up the question of despair only after hope in the grace of Christ has been announced. (Forde) 


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