Favorite Quotes from #TGP15

On Monday, the Gospel Project had an online seminar.  At Hesston MB Church, where I serve, we use the Gospel Project Kid's Curriculum on Sunday mornings.  I searched several months for a curriculum and this one was the best I found.  These short videos feature many different speakers and topics.  They are available to watch for one more week here  Below are my favorite quotes from 6 of the videos I have watched:

Good news is not just good advice. Good news is the announcement about what Jesus has done for us. (Derwin Gray)
We don't believe in a system of redemption.We believe in a Redeemer whose name is Jesus. In grace,transformation occurs. (Paul Tripp)
 Put your hope in God not in your parenting abilities. A sign you are grasping the gospel as a parent is that you can rest. (J.D. Greear)
After Jesus says the kingdom of God is here, he doesn't follow w/ do something, try harder, or be a better person, but repent. (Trevin Wax)
Common mistakes in Children's Ministry re: gospel: it is attachment at end of story, leave Jesus out of OT, & make Bible about us.  (Jana Magruder)
 The content of our groups will take people over & over again to who Jesus is & what He has done for us. (Eric Geiger)


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