God is for you!

When you mess up, how do you think God views you?  As you go through your day to day life, are you concerned if God likes you?  Do you wonder if He might be up in heaven mad at your for your lack of good works or your sinful thoughts or actions? 

Many people see God as angry and if not angry, only putting up with them. Their view of God is dependent on how well they are doing. If they are doing well in loving others or in the spiritual disciplines, then God is happy.  However, if they are selfish or skipping devotional times, then God must be disappointed.  Others view difficult circumstances as punishment from God for their sin.

As I was listening to the radio recently, I was amazed at a truth that quickly emerged.  This truth is my favorite Bible verse which is Romans 8:31.  It says, "What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?"

Be reminded of this truth: God is for you.  No matter what happens today. God is for you.  God's love for you is completely settled.

Here are the songs that I heard that reference this great truth:
  • Drops in the Ocean by Hawk Nelson
  • Our God by Chris Tomlin
  • Our God is For Us by Aaron Shust
  • Jesus Loves Me by Chris Tomlin
  • God is For Me by Yancy
I would encourage you to put these songs on repeat so this important truth sinks deep into your heart. Or you could put this verse somewhere in your home so you see each and every day.  God loves you so much and it is not dependent on you at all. He loves you because God is love.  He is for you!


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