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I picked up Jack Klumpenhower's book, Show Them Jesus last Wednesday.  Here are some great quotes from the chapters I read:

That is the way everyone's hearts naturally works. Our kids (and us) are programmed to try to earn points with God.
At such a moment the issue is not what those kids should do--it's how to reach their hearts. They need to rest in Jesus until they have such joy over his beauty and what he's done for them that it spills out into the way they live.  
The good-news teacher skillfully steers a kid's heart by showing the breathtaking beauty of Jesus.

We often imagine the Christian life is like a game of king-of-the-hill played between our heart and our head...Only a stronger love for Jesus can overpower and displace our love of sin.

If we cut individual stories off from the Bible's central story arc about Jesus, we miss the main thing the Bible wants to say...

The good news is the Bible's drumbeat. To ignore it at any point is to misplay the theme song.

A wise teacher never loses this context--never let Jesus's comments be cut off from his cross.

God's commands have always flowed from his saving work...Our custom of taking the Bible a verse at a time means that we often miss this patter. We think there's doctrine (stuff about what God does for us in Jesus) and instruction (what we must do for God). We fail to see how they're connected. We ought to teach them together...the Bible writers' pattern is to tap into gospel power.



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