Favorite Quotes from Reading at the Perk

I am reading four books right now.  Here are my favorite quotes from my recent reading at the Perk:

The great theme of Walter Marshall's book is that Christians grow in obedience by the power of the gospel, not by their own strength. Christians are in union with Christ, and their Christian growth flows from this union, not from their own efforts. The gospel is essential for growth in holiness.

Only the gospel can empower obedience. That is why every generation of the church must discover afresh the sufficiency of the gospel of grace, and the power of the cross of Jesus Christ both to save and to sanctify.

the key error of the Christian life is that people think that even though they have been justified by a righteousness produced totally by Christ, they must be sanctified by a holiness produced totally by themselves.

The Old Adam lives in the world of control, of constant self-measurement and self-reliance.

The Law, on most every occasion, draws a line of distinction between the IS of life and the OUGHT. The Law is the demarcation of the life we should have-the life we long for

We become master minimizers of God's call for perfection. We tend to lower the bar of God's righteous Law, in the hopes that fulfilling one or a small set of them will be enough to gain the Almighty's ear.

The Gospel is News not only because it addresses our plight, but also because it comes wholly from outside of ourselves...And it is Good News because it addresses our plight with rescue, deliverance, salvation, and redemption.

The problem, however, is that while YOU may be following all of the right steps to a better relationship, it doesn't mean your spouse or your friend is.

We look to Christ alone, who has loved the unlovable, accepted the unacceptable, and given us exactly what we don't deserve. This love will revolutionize our relationships.

Let God's love fuel your love for others.
When the grace of Jesus sinks in, we will be among the least offended and most loving people in the world.

Christians from differing perspectives can learn and mature as they listen humbly and carefully to one another.

Is it possible to profoundly disagree with someone and love that person deeply at the same time? Is it possible to hold deep convictions and simultaneously embrace those who reject your deep convictions? Jesus tells us the answer is yes. And he shows us the answer is yes.

God have mercy on us if we do not love well because all that matters to us is being right and winning arguments. Truth and love can go together. Truth and love must go together.

Do you want to be known for the people, places, and things you are FOR instead of the people, places, and things that you are AGAINST?


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