It's good to be home!

Today I return from sabbatical and will be back at Hesston MB Church. It has been a great 3 month sabbatical.  I will be posting some thoughts over the next few days on the blog on rest, relationships, and reflections.  Check back in the coming week!

However, I want to say how excited my family is to be back "home" at Hesston MB.  The hardest part of sabbatical was Sunday mornings.  It was nice to have no responsibilities wherever we went, to show up right as worship was beginning, and to leave immediately after church ended.  It was also good to experience other churches in the Hesston area.

BUT, it was hard.  My kids were ready to go back to Hesston MB after week 2 in May.  I struggled to get them to church during sabbatical which has not been a problem in 15 years of parenting.  I realized the wisdom of God in encouraging his people to be part of a church body.  Jumping from church to church was not fun.  I don't understand how and why people do it.  I need consistency.  I enjoy knowing the sermon series, the people around me, and knowing they love and care for me.

It was also good as a family to see that if we had a choice, we would end up at Hesston MB.

Welcome back Martins to Hesston MB.  We are so glad to be back!


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