Quotes from Jesus Outside the Lines

I am currently reading Jesus Outside the Lines: A Way Forward For Those Who Are Tired of Taking Sides by Scott Sauls. Many of you have heard me talk about wanting a "third option" based on how often issues are divided into two based on the loudest voices whether that be Republican/Democrat, conservative/liberal, traditional/contemporary, etc. I often say I want another choice.  Scott Sauls' book will be helpful in this dialogue.

For us preachers, Tim Keller said, the longer it takes people to figure out where we stand on politics, in all likelihood the more faithfully we are preaching Jesus.
Rather, when it comes to kings and kingdoms, Jesus sides with himself.
Our loyalty to Jesus and his Kingdom must always exceed our loyalty to an earthly agenda, whether political or otherwise.
The world's politics rely heavily on power.
Leaning toward a certain party is one thing, but it is important to see that a partisan spirit can actually run against the Spirit of God.
It is wrong to question someone's faith because they don't vote like you do. Yes, wrong.
Kingdom politics reject the world's methods of misusing power and manipulating the truth.
Rather, the Kingdom of Jesus advances through subversive acts of love--acts that flow from conservative and progressive values.


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