Sabbatical Thoughts: Part 2-Relationships

Sometimes a pastor's family is neglected because of the demands of ministry.  I try very hard to keep my evening meetings to a minimum so I spend time with my wife and kids.  During sabbatical, I made a goal of taking each of my kids somewhere for 24 hours.  It was their choice as long as we could drive there.  Mackenzie and Megan chose instead to go to Guatemala for a week on a mission trip with me in exchange for this 24 hour trip. 

Other relationships that were strengthened were with extended family.  Since we are at Hesston MB most Sundays, we miss out on different activities with our families that happen on Sundays so during Sabbatical we spent some Sundays with Bethany's parents and my parents.

We also took a longer than usual vacation to Florida as part of our Sabbatical.  This was great to spend time together, have fun, and make memories.  I would have liked to have a weekend or short trip away with Bethany, but that did not work out due to her work schedule and already planned 2 week vacation.

These experiences were great to remind myself of the importance of family and not to let ministry or church get in the way of my own family. 

Below are some of my favorite pictures from these times away during Sabbatical:


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