Names of God: Yahweh Nissi

We often forget.  We see throughout history the Israelites and the church forgetting. We need to be reminded often of who God is in Scripture, church history and in our lives and churches.

The names of God are important because these names are not just what God does, it is who He is.  I hope this will encourage you as you are reminded of how good, great, and awesome our God is.

Yahweh Nissi

Yahweh is the Hebrew Name for God. It is "I AM". It is used over 6000 times in the Old Testament.  It was such a holy name that the Jews would not even say it. 

Nissi means banner. It was used after an Israelite victory. 

15 And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The Lord Is My Banner,           (Exodus 17:15)

What it reminds me?  No matter what I or you may be facing today. We have a God who is victorious.


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