Quotes from Why the Reformation Still Matters

I am about halfway through the book, Why the Reformation Still Matters  by Michael Reeves and Tim Chester.  I am reading it in preparation for preaching this summer. 

Here are some quotes from the first 5 chapters:
Nothing matters more than justification by Christ alone through faith alone...This is why Luther described justification as "the summary of Christian doctrine" and "the article by which the church stands or falls."
So Christ is central to the Bible. And Christ is central to the interpretation of the Bible. All true interpretations of the Bible lead us to Jesus.
Corrupted all the way down, we cannot fix ourselves. Our hearts must be renewed, and that can happen only through the gospel being preached and the glory of God being unveiled.
For them, grace was not a "thing" at all; it is the personal kindness of God by which he does not merely enable us but actually rescues and freely gives us himself...In other words, the grace and righteousness we receive in the gospel are not something other than Christ himself.
The cross is central to our understanding of revelation and salvation...We know the power of God through the message of the cross...We need to ditch our worldly notions of success. We need to ditch our preoccupation with numbers and size...Christian discipleship is to be shaped by the cross and its model of sacrificial love. 



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