Happy 20th Anniversary, Bethany!

Today is my 20th wedding anniversary! I don't think it is possible because I don't feel that old.

I am thankful for my amazing wife.  She has been a blessing to me in so many ways.

I still remember:
  • seeing you for the first time on our wedding day as you walked down the aisle.
  • the large hole in the back of my tux jacket that had to be repaired.  Thanks Denice!
  • all of the great food at the reception that we hardly ate and a meal at Carlos O'Kelley's that we didn't eat much of either.
  • being sent to the basement of the church because of bad weather and how some of our guests saw a tornado on their drive home, but when we drove to Kansas City, we only saw rainbows.
  • an awesome week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for our honeymoon including Blue's Clues, 10 grain pancakes (or was it more?), wonderful restaurants, beaches, going to the movies, and even a waterpark (you must of been in love because I don't think you have been to one since)  We still have the towels we bought on that trip.
  • celebration of anniversaries in Colorado (why did we see Austin Powers?), Branson, Kansas City, and Wichita.  And hopefully one to remember this Fall?
  • our 3 apartments and 3 homes
  • the 4 kids that have been added over the years
I love you with all my heart!  Enjoy a few pictures of us over the years.


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