Summer Study on Wednesday Nights at Hesston MB

This summer on Wednesday nights from 7-8 p.m., we will be reading through and discussing a book together at Hesston MB.  The community is invited and snacks will be served. Our first night together will be June 6.

The book we are using is by Alvin Reid and is called Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out. It is a great book. 

Here are the chapter titles:

Spread the Word: Don't Overcomplicate It
God is Not Mad At You: Understanding the Message
It's Easier than You Think: Conversations, Not Presentations
It's Not in Your Power, yet You Are Vital
Ignition and Transition: Conversation Starters and Signposts
Let Them Help You: Start with Them and They Will Point to the Gospel
Talk, but with More than Words
Make Friends, Not Visits: Developing a Plan

If you have questions, let me know.  I hope to see on Wednesday nights this summer!


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