Sermon Teaser: To The Glory of God Alone

This Sunday, I continue a 5 week series on the solas of the Reformation.  What is a sola?  It is the Latin word for alone.  This week, we will focus on to the glory of God alone. 

Here are a few things to ponder prior to Sunday:

Read the Bible passage: Romans 11:33-36 and Psalm 115:1

Questions to think about:
  • How would you define glory?
  • Why is it so easy for us to focus on our own glory rather than God's?
  • How does beholding glory impact how we live?
  • If it's not to the glory of God alone, what do we look to instead? 

Helpful Resources
  • Why the Reformation Still Matters by Michael Reeves and Tim Chester
  • Sola! What Are We Fighting For? by Leann Luchinger and Heather Choate Davis
  • Rejoicing in Christ  by Mike Reeves
  • A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent
  • Look and Live by Matt Papa
Song To Reinforce Message: My Tribute or To God Be The Glory


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