Marriage thoughts from Jessica Thompson

I am thoroughly enjoying Everyday Grace by Jessica Thompson.  It is a great book on relationships that focuses on the gospel rather than "how to fix" things.  Here are some quotes from her chapter on marriage:
And yet, the truth is that I am aware of God's unmatched love for me, of his good and plentiful gifts, and yet every day I run after other loves.
Wrath is what you and I deserve...In fact he did have legitimate wrath that needed to be poured out on somebody. Praise him for sending his only Son to bear that wrath on our behalf so that we might forever know his love.
Women are not sanctified by what their husbands do or don't do... Men and women are sanctified by believing the gospel. We are made holy by what Jesus did for us, by how he has loved his church. 
We are made lovely by his love.
Marriage is not one-size-fits-all. Each marriage is unique as each person sins uniquely and has unique strengths.
Unrealistic expectations kill grace.
The culture of our marriages should be a constant asking of forgiveness, acknowledging that we aren't the partner we should be and then in humble repentance turning to our Savior. 


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