Thoughts on judgment and compassion from Sauls

We, as a pastoral staff, are reading through Jesus Outside the Lines by Scott Sauls.   I have appreciated greatly its perspective. I am only halfway through but it might be a book that churches should go through together to help them learn to lovingly disagree with one another.  In his chapter on judgment and accountability, Sauls had some great thoughts:
We run from criticism, even constructive criticism, because we know that a single word of criticism possesses more emotional power over us than a thousand praises.
We know that we are not perfect. But there's something in all of us that still wants, even needs, to feel and be seen as perfect.
For those who believe in Jesus, the Cross moves their Judgment Day from the future to the past.
the compassionate Jesus speaks sharply and loudly about judgment so we will "flee from the wrath to come" as we flee into his merciful arms.
The good news is that anyone who fears God will never have any reason to be afraid of God. 


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