Walter Marshall on Sanctification

I am slowly reading through The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification by Walter Marshall. It is slow because it is so deep theologically.  Here are some quotes to ponder regarding your sanctification for today:
the word of God and the gospel never require you to change your heart from sin to holiness before you are allowed to receive Christ and his salvation by faith.
Jesus loved you in your most disgusting, sinful corruption, and he died for you.
When you have faith, you renounce all dependence upon anything you can do to gain Christ or to make yourself acceptable to him.
You cannot love God before you understand his love for you. You must perceive his love if you are going to love him.
Your soul must come to take pleasure in God and Christ by faith, or else it will just go after fleshly and worldly pleasures. The more you strive against your lusts without faith, the more your lusts will be stirred up--even though you might be able to work hard enough to restrain yourself from fulfilling your lusts. 


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