2010 Family Goals

Yesterday, we spent the day at home and had our first family worship of the year. I decided that I would challenge the family to 2 specific goals in 2 areas of our lives. Above our front door, Bethany has put up the following phrase, "Love God. Love Others." It is a great reminder as I leave the house each day. I decided to pick two ways that we as a family can do both of those things in 2010. Here is what my goals are for the Martin's in these areas:
  • Love God--As a family, we are going to strive to spend time with God alone at least 5 days of the week in prayer and Bible reading. Our challenge is to pray for each member of the family during our prayer times and to get into God's Word on a regular basis. We will also strive to have a good attitude during family worship as well as corporate worship. We will seek to learn as much as possible during these times of worship.
  • Love Others-The two areas are respect and service. In the area of respect, the kids are to honor and obey us as parents. We, in turn, will respect and love them as we discipline and teach them. The kids are also to respect their siblings. We are also to respect others in our world whether that be teachers, neighbors, friends, leaders, etc. The second area is to be a servant. We are to look for opportunities to be a servant in 2010. This can come in many shapes and sizes, but we want to be generous and giving more than we were in the previous year. We hope to start supporting a Compassion or World Vision child as a family. I hope we can develop an attitude of others first in our lives.

I look forward to these goals for 2010. The kids seem to be ready for the challenge. I intentionally did not call them resolutions because they seem to be too easy to break. I will share how things are going with these goals throughout the year.

What are your spiritual goals for your family this year?


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