Church & Home

Today, I had the privilege of leading the parent/child dedication at church. I have done a couple before. As I reflected on the dedication, I was again reminded of the importance of church and home.

As I meet with parents, I make it clear that Scripture shows it is their responsibility to pass on their faith to their kids as seen in Deuteronomy 6, Ephesians 6, and Psalm 78. We in the church have said this for a long time, but we have failed because we do not then equip parents how to do this. I pray and hope this will change in the body of Christ. As Associate Pastor, I want to equip parents through training and teaching that will help them impact their kids. I want to encourage and pray for parents to do this well. This is just one part of the equation.

The next part is my role as a parent. Not only does Scripture speak to this topic, but research is also supporting it over and over. Mom, you are the number 1 influence in your kids' faith development. Dad, you are number 2. Pastors and church leaders rank lower. Not only do I teach this, but I must also live it at home. This means God is not reserved to one hour on Sunday morning. I need to be praying with my wife and kids. I need to be leading my family in worship at home. I need to be teaching God's Word as well. The list goes on and on. Bedtime blessings, family service projects, purity, etc. Our kids should understand the God affects all of life not just parts of it. We need to be looking for opportunities or "God Moments" to speak about life from a godly perspective.

The parent/child dedication is a wonderful picture of this partnership between church and home. It is not either or. But it must be both and. Church and home need each other and must work together.


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