Quotes from my reading yesterday

Here are some quotes from some of the books I am reading right now:

"If we want to be a dad of destiny, we will need to balance our internal commitments with our external actions, to practice what we preach." (They Call Me Dad by Ken Canfield)

"In living out their Christian faith in their marriages and families, believers must recognize that their sinful nature will lead them to rebel against against plan unless aided by the Holy Spirit, and that the devil will seek to use their sinful tendencies and inclinations to lead them astray."
(God, Marriage, and Family by Kostenberger)

"This view allows Christians to agree on the essentials but cling to their differences , with humility and charity." (Speaking of third way (not traditional or emerging) Deep Church by Belcher)

"It is just this sort of love that is crazy to the world: true love, a kind found nowhere but through Christ." (Crazy Love by Chan)

"Children learn to worship by worshiping-through participation, practice and patience. . . worship is best taught by parents, not professionals." (Parenting in the Pew by Castleman)

Speaking of what we need to teach our kids, "Rather they (Master Life Threads) must be woven throughout all of a child's spiritual training, from birth to that Most Difficult Moment. They become integral in conversations, in lessons, in relationships." (Raising a Modern-Day Joseph by Fowler)

"Grace-based homes are a vital link to children's wholeness and wellness as adults. That's because our vulnerabilities have to power to define us if we aren't careful." (Grace-Based Parenting by Kimmel)

I love the opportunity to learn from others through their study and experiences. I hope one of these quotes speak to you today.


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