Tonight, I am thinking about the excuses I make in a given day. Many times those excuses revolve around money. For the last year, I have been thinking and discussing with Bethany my desire to sponsor a child through Compassion or World Vision. I have had this on my mind and heart for a while now.

However, I think to myself: I cannot afford it because I am making double mortgage payments. Or I say, I will do it later. Sometimes, I even catch myself thinking, "we are giving enough." Wow. That sounds horrible when written down. But I do think that occasionally. I attribute these thoughts to spiritual warfare as well as my sinful nature. This week, I became convicted and convinced that the time was now.

I decided no more excuses. Trust God to provide. We began sponsoring a child from Niger. Mitchell is very interested and excited. He has been asking a lot of questions. I look forward to the kids writing and getting to know him better. We talked about Niger and loving others tonight in family worship. It tied in well with our study of the Lord's Prayer. We focused tonight on "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done."

What is God's will for you and I? I asked the kids that question tonight and "out of the blue" Molly who was repeating most of what I was saying said, "Jesus Cross". Truly, an out of the mouth of babes example. God's will is that we have a relationship with Jesus and we share that love with others.

I hope I will become better in the coming year about not making excuses.


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