Magi Morsels

Today, I preached on Matthew 2:1-12. I titled the message, "Magi Morsels", because a morsel is a small amount and I spoke about the little things we can learn from the Magi. I also challenged everyone to think about three questions in the coming week. Here is a brief summary of my message.

1st Morsel-Get Gazing vs. 1-2
  • Just as the Magi were gazing at the sky, we need to keep our eyes focuses on Jesus.
  • Lyrics of Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus and Hebrews 12:2
  • Contrasts between Herod & Jesus (Ruthless vs. Compassionate, Powerful vs. Meek, Demands Respect vs. Receives Respect, Adult vs. Child)
  • What gets in your way of gazing at Christ?
2nd Morsel-Get Going vs. 3-8
  • The wise men do no stay put, but get going. We can learn from them that we need to get going in our spiritual lives.
  • Life Unlimited in Christ (Centered on Scripture, Holy Spirit Empowered, Reaching the World, Intimate Worship, Serving Others, Transparent Relationships)
  • Contrasts between magi and religious leaders (Hard vs. Easy, Faith vs. Makes Sense, Far vs. Close, Journey vs. Staying, Non-religious vs. Religious)
  • What will you do to get going spiritually this year?
3rd Morsel-Get Giving vs. 9-12
  • The Magi are not just there to get a look, but interested in giving. We can learn from them that we need to get giving as well.
  • Are we giving our best to Jesus or just leftovers? Do we give sacrificially of money, time, and energy or do we give just enough?
  • Contrasts between magi and religious leaders (Best vs. Enough, Worship vs. Advancement, Sacrifice vs. Sufficient)
  • How do you plan to get giving in 2010?
As we move into 2010, we need to be thinking about our relationship with Christ. Have you made the decision to follow Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not, we need to start here. If so, we need to ask ourselves if we will be in the same place spiritually in December 2010 as we are today? I hope I will not be and I hope you will not be either. We need to be seeking opportunities to grow in our faith and we can do that by learning morsels from the Magi which are we need to get gazing, get going, and get giving.


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