Identity Matters

About a week ago, I finished reading The Naked Gospel by Andrew Farley. I liked the book. There were times where I disagreed, but that is true about most books I read.

The last part of his book talks about one of my favorite topics--our identity in Christ.    Here are some quotes on that topic:
Paul first affirms our true identity. Then he acknowledges that we have a choice to put on one thing or another. He urges us to "wear" qualities that match who we are and how God treats us.
The outcome of indulging the flesh can be stressful and divisive. But living form our new identity leads to peace, fulfillment, and unity.
And as we focus on our newness and Christ's presence within us, our behavior changes.
Rest. . .This safe harbor is a spiritual attitude we adopt because of the finished work of Christ. 


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