What's Next?

Here are my notes from my sermon today at Hesston MB entitled, "What's Next?"

Last week, Pastor Brad had two main points: Holy Spirit gives glory to Jesus & Disciples give glory to Jesus by testifying. (See John 15:26-27). Jesus shared his vision-tell others about me.

Introduction: When Mitchell was younger, he loved to know the schedule for the day.  As we would talk about our plans, he would say “what’s next”.  Even if we gave him a whole day’s schedule, he would respond “what’s next.” Today’s message is one of the final times Jesus has with his disciples and I am sure the disciples are asking “what’s next.”

 Read John 16:5-14

·         Good (vs. 5-7)

o   Vs. 5-Where are you going?

§  Disciples were ordinary people like you & me. They doubt and do not understand (see vs. 18-what does He mean? We don’t understand.)

o   Vs. 6-Bad News: Jesus is leaving-filled with grief

o   Vs. 7-Good News: Jesus is sending Holy Spirit

§  (Paraclete) Transliteration of a Greek word meaning “one who is called to someone’s aid” or “one who advocates another.”[1]

§  Question: Is Jesus beside you better than the Spirit inside you? (J.D. Greear)

·         Why? The empowerment of believer and church.

§  Following this teaching, Jesus is arrested, crucified, and resurrected. When Jesus appears to the disciples before his ascension in Acts 1, Jesus answers the what’s next? What does He tell them to do?

·         You know all I have taught you, now get busy-NO

·         As I have done, now you should do-NO

·         You have spent a lot of time with me, now build the church on these principles-NO

·         Acts 1:4,8-WAIT-Why? For the power of the Holy Spirit

·         Convict (vs. 8-11)

o   Vs. 8-It is a legal word that means “to bring to light, to expose, to convict and convince.”[2]

o   The Holy Spirit convicts in regards to three things . 

o   Vs. 9-Sin

§  He will point out their sin. All have sinned (bad news). But the good news is Jesus died for your sins.

§  The Holy Spirit convicts the world of one particular sin, the sin of unbelief.[3]

o   Vs. 10-Righteousness

§  The Spirit also convicts the sinner of righteousness, not unrighteousness. Whose righteousness? The righteousness of Jesus Christ, the perfect Lamb of God.[4]

§  Perfect righteousness required (bad news). “There is no one righteous, not even one (Romans 3:10).

§  Gospel Doxology-Your perfect law exposes me; I feel my sin and desperate need
My best good works are powerless; To satisfy Your righteousness
Here’s the good news: But there is One who lived for me; His life, my only victory
His death forever sealed in time; That I am His and He is mine

o   Vs. 11-Judgment

§  Jesus was referring to His judgment of Satan that was effected by His death on the cross. Satan is the prince of this world, but he is a defeated prince. Satan has been convicted.

·         There can be no conversion without conviction, and there can be no conviction apart from the Spirit of God using the Word of God and the witness of the child of God.[5]


·         Guide (vs. 12-14)

o   Vs. 12-More to say but it is too much for you to bear

§  Jesus knows the disciples cannot learn anything more.  Have you ever felt that way?  It feels like your brain is going to explode.  Too much information.

§  In the same way, God knows you and your personality.  I am a planner. I like schedules. I like to be in control. God knows this.  So, when Pastor Brad asks me on Friday last week to preach, my first reaction based on my personality is “NO”. God knows this about me. He does not look down on me or punish me for it. But the Holy Spirit begins to work and remind me God is provider, God is teacher, God has given me the words before. Guatemala mountain story. Do you have doubts, fears, worries? Because God knows this, He also knows the best way to teach and lead and guide you. 

§  The Holy Spirit is our Teacher today, He teaches us the truths we need to know, when we need them, and when we are ready to receive them.[6]


o   Vs. 13-Guide into all truth

§  Not his own words instead what he hears-The focus will be reminding disciples and us what Jesus has said and done. It is not “new” revelation. It is deeper revelation of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.

§  Bring glory to Jesus. The Holy Spirit points to Jesus. Jesus points to the Father. We then point to Jesus. The focus is not us.  Psalm 115:1 says “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name be the glory.”

§  I (and you) can bring glory to Jesus by saying “I am not perfect. I need Jesus.” It is not our perfection that God will use to bring salvation to others. The gospel is good news for unbelievers and believers. 


·         Go Deeper: What’s Next?

o   Ask the Holy Spirit (minute of silence)

o   Abide-It is the ministry of the Spirit to enrich us with the treasures of God’s truth. He enlightens us with God’s truth and enriches us with God’s treasures. The Word of God is a rich mine of gold, silver, and precious jewels. What a joy it is to have the Spirit illumine His Word. We do not study the Word of God in order to “argue religion” with people, or to show off our grasp of spiritual things. We study the Word to see Jesus Christ, to know God better, to glorify Him in our lives. It is our job to witness; it is the Spirit’s job to convict.[7]

o   End where we began-we need to testify
The true power, the power that will change your life, is the power, the dunamis, of God the Holy Spirit, and God promises to attend the preaching of His Word with that power. Preaching has no power unless God the Holy Spirit takes His Word and penetrates hearts with it. (R.C. Sproul)

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