Life Is _________

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you will remember that I enjoyed and quoted often Jesus Is ______ by Judah Smith.  I started reading his new book, Life Is ________ a few weeks ago.  Here are a few quotes from introduction and Chapter 1:
Life is to be loved and to love. The order of those two phrases is intentional, because until we realize we are loved, it's tough--probably impossible--to truly love.
The major theme of the Bible is that God's love passionately pursues humankind.
He (God) genuinely loves us and wants the best for our lives.
When it comes to God, love isn't just an action--it's a state of existence. God is love.
God is saying that his love is not like ours. Against all common sense, in contrast to our human ideas about justice and commitment, God's love never quits. 


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