"Transformed by Amazing Grace" by Eric Metaxas #liberate2015

Don't accept a counterfeit of "dead religion."
Earn your way to God, Be a good person
It's not about intellectual assent to things.

Theoretically, we get grace, but it doesn't mean we are living it.

If the Lord picked you to do something, there is no pressure because He will speak through you.

Being a Christian is not about either offending or not offending people.

Which is it?--Are you being offensive or is truth being offensive? 
Was flesh offensive or was it the Holy Spirit? You have to decide.

William Wilberforce-In England, the church was not being the church.
You cannot cause yourself to be born or born again.
We are all created in image of God & I must live this out. 
Whatever you espouse, is there a cost to you?  Is it costly?
Dead religion comes in a lot of forms.
He didn't say,"who am I to judge?"He went to war against slavery.
When he understood he was a sinner,he then stood against things
When you appreciate what God has done, there is a reaction.
What false narratives are shaping what we hear?
Bonhoeffer said "silence in the face of evil is itself evil." 

If you are not speaking out of love, shut up. But there are times when you need to speak up


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