It is Finished: Good News For a Worn Out World"-Paul Tripp #liberate2015

Whenever you minimize what sin does, you immediately devalue grace.

Sin reduces every human being to a fool.

Titus 3:3-8

When you see sin for what it is, you cannot hold onto the thought that the law is all you need. It doesn't work.

If all I needed was to be told what to do, then Jesus would not have needed to come.

The foolishness of self-centeredness
We were created by God to live upward & outward lives.
Sin puts us in the center of our little world.
2 Corinthians 5
You can't regulate a person, shame or guilt a person out of self-centeredness.
Self-centeredness is all over the Bible. All of us have it in us.

The foolishness of self-deception
If we don't recognize our need of a Savior, we deceive ourselves. 
No one deceives you more than you do.
Self-deception is your particular chosen system of saving yourself.
You are very influential in your own life because no one talks to you more than yourself.

The foolishness of self-sufficiency
2 Lies--Autonomy (I can do it myself) &  

The foolishness of self-righteousness
Convincing ourselves that we are righteous on our own.
If I were to watch the video of your life, would I conclude that you are much more concerned    about the sin of people around you than your own sin?

What the foolishness of sin deeply needs is an Appearance (Jesus). The incarnation had to happen. The world groaned for an Appearance.

Gospel--By grace, fools are rescued from their foolishness by Another.


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