It is Not Finished by Tullian Tchividjian #liberate2015

The flesh is bitterly resistant to "it is finished."

We are not waring against flesh & blood. We are waring against the flesh, the world and Satan.

Love not law begets love.

There is a crucial distinction between law & gospel.

Passive Righteousness vs. Active Righteousness
We live on two planes: before God & before others
Passive Righteousness-settled by Jesus
Active Righteousness-serving our neighbor
I had a low view of the law & thought, "do your best & God will do the rest" would satisfy requirements of law.
When we think our good works are for God instead of our neighbor, God's love is dependent on us instead of finished work of Jesus. 
We live as if our sanctification precedes our justification.
Good works are not a transaction for God. They are for others.
One of the Devil's greatest lies is God gets tired of our repeated asking for forgiveness.
After justification, good works are not thrown out, but instead made horizontal for others.
Romans 8:1 is central verse of entire Bible according to Boice.
Diagnosis, Deliverance, Description-Form of book of Romans
Everything I need I have in Christ-Passive
I am free to give everything to you, not needing anything from you.-Active
The only thing that counts is faith (passive) expressing itself in love (active). Paul-Galatians 5:6
If Jesus doesn't doubt your salvation, then don't listen to a preacher who does.
Your assurance of salvation never comes from looking in, but instead from looking up and out.
Christians live lives under a banner that reads "it is finished."
Foundation and Focus of Christian life is not our transformation, but Christ's substitution.
People who are sanctified don't constantly talk about how sanctified they are.
Christian growth is not upward but instead downward.
We need to hear over and over again that the foundation of Christian faith is substitution.

Why do any of the spiritual disciplines (prayer, read the Bible)?
Not to increase God's love for us, instead for God to remind us that debt is paid, it is finished, everything we need in Christ we already possess.

Why fight sin?
Not because it blocks God's love for us, but because it blocks our love for others.

Liberate message-"Trust God & Get Going" not "let go & let God"

Before God, the righteousness of Christ is all we need & all we have.


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