"It is Finished: The End of Score-Keeping"--David Zahl #liberate2015

Commercial for FitBit-It is a lifestyle device not just fitness device
Quantify all of our daily life
Data is used for self-justification

What does it look like to keep score? 
Chart ourselves or others
We love quantification because we love control.
If I know where I am headed, I have the power to control it.
If I score high enough, I will be alright.
The Law (10 Commandments, Sermon on Mount) keeps score 
The law (world) keeps score, as well as the voice inside
We always lose when we keep score.
All have fallen short of the glory of God, but that hasn't stopped us from comparing distances.

Scorekeeping hits home in our marriage, parenting, friendships, work.

The moment a good work becomes public it loses its goodness.
This is why Christ told us to keep it quiet.

We are addicted to scorekeeping and Christians deal with this just as much as anyone else.

Moralism has crept into our food choices.

Do we only rest to work better?

What about scorekeeping with God?
The Christian faith comes alive in the face of death.

Matthew 20:1-16
Reward is not what is owed, but grace.
God does not relate to us on the basis of our scores. He relates to us with the greatest generosity in gift of His Son.

God in Christ has said "Game Over!"

You don't earn it, it is given!

Robert Capon Quote from book on parables


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