Reflections on #liberate2015

I am sitting in Ft. Lauderdale airport waiting to depart.  I wanted to jot down a few thoughts and reflections for Liberate 2015. I was thankful to have 7 others from Hesston MB join me this year.  I look forward to discussions with them moving forward.

Here are a few take-aways or reflections:

This is a repeat from last year.  I am loved, accepted, righteous, and approved by God therefore I don't need to seek approval, acceptance, and love from others, but because of God's love, approval, acceptance I am free to love others freely.

I walk away from this conference refreshed, relaxed and renewed that I don't need "to do" anything.  Yet because of the good news of grace, I want to preach/teach grace to others and love others.

Elyse Fitzpatrick talked about Satan's lies.  I need to remember what God's Word says about me not the lies of flesh, world or Satan.  Here is a quote from her message: "When Satan accuses you, look up! We conquer him by the blood of Lamb & word of testimony (not ours, but His)" Let's join together and tell Satan to "Shut up!"

Related to salvation--are you constantly wondering if you are saved?  Tullian shared in his Sunday message a great reminder about our salvation.  Here is his quote, "We are perpetually looking in for salvation. Salvation is instead looking out & up." Your salvation is about Jesus not you.

I loved J.D. Greear's message on the Holy Spirit. I have read the book and highly recommend it. I agree with this quote from him, "The most neglected teaching in the gospel movement is the Holy Spirit." We are missing out the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.  I would like to hear more teaching in the future related to the Holy Spirit from Liberate.

One of the discussions we had in our house was how often we heard about the freedom to cuss, drink, smoke, etc.  I agree we have that freedom and I won't judge you for this.  I am a mess in different ways.  However, as I have talked via Twitter with the gospel posse, I keep asking what that freedom would like in my life and ministry.  For example, because I am free and my vertical relationship with God is settled therefore, I want to be more generous, serve others, teach grace to others.  I am not doing this to earn God's love, but I want to hear examples of freedom in this more than other "vices" we are free to do.

Worship was amazing!  What a joy to worship with people of all ages and all races and proclaim Jesus.  I loved the words of the songs we sang and the community praising with focus on Jesus not ourselves. Thanks to Zac Hicks and worship team for leading us!

How about others who attended Liberate 2015?  What were your takeaways, reflections and thoughts? 


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