You are not the savior

Here is a great quote and reminder for all of us from J.D. Greear in Jesus Continued:

Constant feelings of guilt, paralysis, and restlessness are dead give-aways of the co-Messiah complex...Until you get off the saving throne and back into the position of creaturely servitude, you'll always be out of balance--because in your zeal to be a help to God you make the mistake of trying to be God. You'll never have the slightest idea how to balance rest and labor, enjoyment and sacrifice--in fact, the very ideas of balance and rest will seem ludicrous to you. And of course, you can't sleep, because gods can't nap. They have a universe to run. But thank God, we serve a God who doesn't lack for resources. Because he never slumbers or sleeps, I can.

These are powerful words for all of us who need rest.  Get your eyes focused on Jesus not your busyness for Jesus.  He can do more through the Holy Spirit working in us in a second than we can do in a lifetime "working for Jesus" in our own strength.


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