Liberating Kid's & Family Ministry by Jessica Thompson #liberate2015

Two main types of teaching for kids:
Be the most amazing you you've ever been and ever hope to be.
(mention of God is optional)
Be the best Christian. That's the only way God will love you.
(only way God will love you)

"Christ is all" is what parents need to hear. You can trust him with your success and failure.  It's more than just what you do.  We don't live under covenant of works but under covenant of grace.

Isaiah 61:1-3 & Matthew 19:13--Kid's & Family Ministry Manifesto
Bring them to Christ.

What would freedom look like for families?
Freedom to admit sin without fear of judgment
Freedom to admit doubt without fear of shame
Freedom from trying to measure up to the perfect family
Freedom to enjoy each other
Freedom from trying to be the hero (parents & children)

Freedom for children
Freedom to be a child
Freedom to hear that their teachers struggle with sin
Freedom from having to earn love and acceptance
Freedom from hiding who they really are

How can kids and family ministry be "setting the captives free"?
Let the Holy Spirit do his work, don't try and do it for Him.
Work hard to give them Jesus in every lesson
Quote from Jesus Storybook Bible
Put the Law and Gospel in every lesson
Quote from Luther in "Freedom of a Christian"

Parents and Kids need a word of grace--"you are forgiven, you are loved"

How can we liberate children's ministry workers?
God will have His way
It's not all up to you
Rest in His goodness for you

Jesus Storybook Bible
Exploring Grace Together 
Give Them Grace
Show Them Jesus
What's Up? 
The Gospel Centered Life


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