Lunch with Scotty Smith #liberate2015

4 Affirmations of how to be free as God intends from 1 John 3:

1. Know the Love of Father

2. Rest in God's commitment to bring to completion what He began
Anchor love in what God thinks about us not what we think about God
3. Hope & Surrender to the process of gospel transformation
An anchor can weigh you down or secure you. 
Hope Definition-Remember God's future in our present
Language of maturity, purity, sanctification--Hebrew word focuses on "being set apart" 
God loves you as He loves Jesus & we can't change it!
Move from being condemned by your sin to be convicted of it.
Gospel repentance is quicker. Repentance is collapsing on Christ.
Obedience is often driven by pride, fear or guilt. Gospel obedience is driven by faith & love. 
Grace frees us to be more generous, loving, etc.
Jesus is making all things new, not me.

4. Love broken & messy people


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