Is it finished for your relationships? by Shari Thomas #liberate2015

3 P's about our relationships: Perspective, Past, Purpose

Perspective-how you read the Bible matters. 

Picture-Life, Loss, Love, Life (Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration)

I had put all my trust in my righteousness. How do you repent of being good?

Is this a problem for me to solve? 

I need someone constantly reminding me that "it is finished." It's not about how well we do.

We need a gospel lens.

How do we view our past?

Where does evil want to trip you up? Betrayal, powerlessness, abandonment

We want to be affirmed and validated.  All of us will seek approval from someone. Who will it be?

Redemption keeps affecting us.

Satan meant it for evil; God will redeem it for good.

If you don't know what this means for your life, stop what you are doing.

We need to allow time and space for the Holy Spirit to move in our relationships rather than trying to "fix" things.


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