"It is Finished-The Present Power of These 3 Words"-Ray Cortese #liberate2015

Philippians 3:4-9

It's a terrible thing to be powerless. This realization led me to a crisis.

What changed me? There is a righteousness that comes from God.
God produces the righteousness, not me. 

Few Christians get the gospel. And when we don't, we hurt others.

We give a sense of salvation by faith alone.
We think we have merit. We are self-righteous.
Grace is unmerited favor. 
Churches also think they have merit.
How do you do right things? And then repent of them.
There is only one thing you need to get Jesus and it is need.

Most Christians don't believe the imputation of righteousness to us.
We know He is sin bearer. But we don't believe He is righteousness producer
Tetelestai-It is Finished
North American Christianity-Jesus paid my debt. Now get to work.
Jesus says, "your debt is paid & all I have belongs to you."
Every morning wake up & believe God is pleased with you because of what Jesus has done.
I go to bed filled with grace but it leaks while I sleep.

Most Christians don't understand God's care, affection, generosity.
God took delight in me.  I actually believed this.
He's not very good, but I like this kid.
I used to say I believe in grace, but now I have known it.


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